ATF-SD Student Desk

ATF-SD Student Desk

ATF’s line of Student Desks respond to the demand for a robust, multiple-use workstation designed for advanced electronic learning applications. The requirement is for a single, ergonomically-designed workspace for classrooms in which an array of electronic learning aids might be used. Physically, this entails a single desk capable of housing up to two PCs with two monitors or student laptops. Electronically, the station may be configured with power and network connections capable of connecting to telecommunications, a local computer network, and facility electrical power.

Our Student Desks are designed to be used alone or in conjunction with other tables. With a variety of available options, these tables can be set up in many different configurations.

Standard features include:

  • Laminate MDF Top with Charcoal Metal Legs & Base
  • Front Modesty Panel or Locking Cable Raceway
Height Width Lengths
36″ 42″ 48″ 60″ 72″
29″ 24″ ATF-SD2436 ATF-SD2442 ATF-SD2448 ATF-SD2460 ATF-SD2472
29″ 30″ ATF-SD3036 ATF-SD30-42 ATF-SD3048 ATF-SD3060 ATF-SD3072





Download the data sheet.