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At ATF, we call ourselves the “What If” Company. Quite simply, if you can sketch it, we can build it.

"Star Bridge" Custom Console for Hunt Library at NCSU

“Star Bridge” Custom Console for Hunt Library at NCSU

Modified Collaboration Tables - UCF College of Medicine

Expanded Collaboration Tables – UCF College of Medicine

With operations based in Florida, we specialize in the research, design and manufacturing of standard and custom furniture for Audio Visual, Electronic and Technical applications. However, with our extensive experience and expertise we are constantly expanding into new markets. Our goals are simple produce innovative, high-quality furniture solutions of exceptional value, while providing customer service that is

U-Shaped Conference Table - Advanced Technology Center

U-Shaped Conference Table-Advanced Technology Center

second to none.


Wedge Shape Workstation

Wedge Shape Workstation-Hunt Library, NC State

At ATF, we pride ourselves on our customization capabilities. If you can dream it, we can build it. Our complete custom mill work, CNC capabilities, skilled craftsmen and expert technicians are artisans in almost any material.  From simple counter-tops to over-the-top, total room designs with custom speakers

UCF Digital Signage Column

Digital Signage Natural Wood Frame – UCF

Small Recording Studio Workstation

Small Recording Studio Workstation-Hunt Library, NC Stat

and audio, we are capable of creating and fabricating any and all components.


We work across all categories, whether it’s scenery for small theater production or a state-of-the-art conference room for a Fortune 500 company. Our craftsmen work from simple sketches or elaborate specifications to deliver quality and value. Our expertise extends to incorporating various components and technology integration into your design, too. With our proven experience, almost any furniture product can include total connectivity.

Custom Podium

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