GO Audio SB-3 Passive-Radiator Sub-Woofer

Passive-radiator technology & unique design are combined into a high-dynamic range & low distortion sub-woofer system that matches the styling of our full-range models. It also hides easily in classrooms and other small spaces.

SB-3 Passive-Radiator Sub-Woofer

SB-3 Passive-Radiator Sub-Woofer

A Sub-woofer For Churches, Large Classrooms And Small Auditoriums

Use these sub-woofers in multiples to handle larger spaces (with no EQ) and live performances.

Ideal for Music Playback

With the addition of these sub-woofers, the GO Audio SA-12 and SA-6 become a full-range solution. Speech, music, soundtracks, & sound effects will all be faithfully reproduced.

Clean Styling

Each SB-3 is made up of three 8″ transducers, with a total width of 10.5″ and 3′ tall.  At only 9.5″ deep it can be mounted conveniently to any wall with a standard 200 mm (40 lb. rated) VESA mount.

Rugged Finish

Each SB-3 is coated with an ultra-hard sprayed-on finish that resists wear. Available in white or black.

Driver Compliment
One 8″ active sub-woofer driver and two 8″ passive  radiators
Frequency Response
42 Hz to 875 Hz +/- 3 dB (with no EQ)
Power Handling
80 W continuous RMS, 160 W program (both coils driven)
(1 W @ 1 Meter) = 86 dB
105 dB at 80 W
Nominal Impedance
2 x 8Ω, Recommended crossover at 100 Hz to 150 Hz
200 mm VESA mounting holes on reverse (Use standard VESA wall mount rated at least 40 lbs.)
 36″ x 10.5″ x 9.5″
Approximately 40 lbs.